Click here to download the T2K Gobo Sizer in PDF format. You can print this and use it to size your mystery gobo! You will need Acrobat 3 from Adobe to open this file.

Or you can use the size chart below:

Type Dimensions Fits Fixture
SIZE V 1"/ 25.4 mm Clay Paky-Miniscan HPE
High End-Intellabeam, Trackspot, Technobeam, Technoray
Martin-Roboscan 518
SIZE E 1 1/2"/ 38 mm Altman-Altstar, Micro Ellipse, Master Ellipse
Clay Paky-Miniscan, Silverado
SGM-Victory Series
Martin-Roboscan 1220
Times Square-Gobo Spot, MR16
SIZE G 1 3/4"/ 45 mm High End-Cyberlight
Lycian-Superstar, Super Clubspot, XLT
SIZE D 2 1/8"/ 54 mm Martin-PAL 1200, MAC 1200
LSD Moving Lights-Icon Series
SIZE M 2 3/8"/ 66 mm Altman-3.5Q
Coemar-Accento, Centro, Solar 250
Arriflex-Pocket Par HMI 125W Dedotec-Dedolight 100/150
Berkey Colortran-Color Arc
ETC-Source IV Jr.
Lycian-Starklite II
Times Square-3.5" ellips.
Clay Paky-Golden Scan, HPE, Stage Scan, Superscan, Tiger
SIZE B 3 3/8"/ 86 mm All Lights in SIZE A, and the following:
GAM-Twinspin, Twinspin II
Robert Juliat-Long Throw Followspots: 2500W HMI, 1200W HMI
Rosco-Gobo Rotator
Strand-Cantata, Prelude

4 1/2"x 4"
114.3 x 101.6 mm

3"- 76mm Image Area

Altman-360 Q, 4.5" Baby Zoom, 1KL, Shakespeare
ETC-Source IV
Mole-Molelipso 1K
Berkey Colortran-Ellipsoidal, Mini ellipse, Windsor
Niethammer-Enispot, HPS 100&200 CCT-Silhouette 1&2 KW
Strand-Alto, Brio, Cadenza, Harmony, 4.5", Leko Zoom, Tocatta
Strong-Xenon Super Trooper w/ adapt. Teatro-Tratto, Acuto
Robert Juliat-Profile Series, Short/med throw followspot series
Times Square-6" Axial, 4.5"&6" Zoom Ellipsiodals
SIZE T 3 1/2"/ 89 mm Image Area Mole-2K Molelipso