Metal gobos require faxed (818-557-0905) oversize artwork. For custom glass lithos, please email to, please send an Adobe Illustrator EPS file (preferrred) or a Photoshop TIFF file. Mac formats are desired. Image size is unimportant, but be sure image has the detail you want. An image that looks great on a low-res computer screen can look bad when projected image is 15 feet across. If you are sending a file above 3MB, then please mail us a zip disk.

We also have an in-house art department that can design custom gobos in metal or glass, for any occasion. We have extensive experience designing gobos with bridgework built-in to the design, for beautiful looking metal gobos (see below). We also can design color or greyscale lithopatterns that are dynamic and individual. We also do custom wheels for optikinetics type projectors.